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The Netherlands is a natural hub for your EU Operation
The Netherlands has been a trading nation for centuries and the current government strongly supports business development. Amsterdam Schiphol airport and Rotterdam harbor have been the largest in Europe for years, and now the Netherlands has become an internet hub for the Europe as well.

With the major markets of Germany, France, the UK and the Scandinavia as neighbors, the Netherlands is a natural logistic and warehousing center. Efficient forwarding and logistic capability mean that markets covered by a Netherlands branch can reach as far as the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

In addition to a well-organized infrastructure, branch offices in the Netherlands benefit from a highly educated, language- proficient work force.

When developing your market in Europe, locating in the Netherlands can give you an advantage by:
  • Widening and deepen in your markets.
  • Reducing delivery time, especially for heavy, bulky or long in production products.
  • Increasing client satisfaction by speeding up after-sales service.
  • Easing contact with media for marketing and press releases.
Home Based at the Netherlands
There are three ports at the Netherlands:
  • Airport in Amsterdam
  • Seaport in Rotterdam
  • Brainport in Eindhoven
We can work with you to speed up your market development and to help you to gain market share.